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#wahteam plans ahead

Times are changing, and changing fast. With an eye both on the present and the future, the #wahteam reserve three full days of brain­storming amid a rainy August, to devise strategies and tactics that would further improve its financial position while still providing quality service to partner LGUs. The easy-way-out would have been to focus on funds and income generation; but, the #wahteam knew from the start that there has to be a balance between being entrepreneurial and being service-oriented. The challenge was thus how to ensure sustainability of the organization and the partnership without compromising the mission of serving those at the margins.

The #wahteam built on the strategic plan crafted by the organization’s Board of Trustees in 2014 and added fresh insights coming from their experiences in the field. The result is a strategic business plan that recognizes the business potential of the organization and the compassion and bias for the poor, principles on which the organization was established.

Following the plan, the #wahteam hopes that by 2018, the #wahcommunity will source more than half of its operational expenses from income generated from partner LGUs.. And by 2020, the WAH-NGO should already be financially independent and able to plan and execute its core activities without the need for funding support from donors.