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WAH Makes a Stand with Partner Clinics and Other EMRs on e-Claims

In behalf of the #wahcommunity, the #wahteam, in partnership with three other Electronic Medical Recording system providers, advance three propositions to PhilHealth and the Department of Health during the EMR orientation in Baguio City organized by the former for Primary Care Benefit (PCB) providers in Northern Luzon.

Now known as the Baguio Propositions, the Wireless Access for Health (WAH), SHINE OS+, e-Hatid Project, and the Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS) requested PhilHealth and the DOH to RECONSIDER the deadline imposed on public clinics (1) to acquire the services of private Health Information Transmission Providers (HITP) for filing of e-claims, (2) to REVIEW the existing policies and guidelines on HITP and e-Claims, and to REVISE the requirement for public clinics to engage HITPs to process their e-Claims.

The reconsider, review, and revise strategy was framed into three following propositions:

– Proposition to Defer Implementation of e-Claims for Public Primary Health Care Facilities.

– Proposition to Review and Amend Existing Policy on e-Claims for Primary Health Care Facilities.

– Proposition for the FREE DOH e-Claims module to be installed in all Public Primary Health Care Facilities regardless of their EMR partner.

For the #wahcommunity, Local Government Units through their Rural Health Units (RHUs) and City Health Centers (CHCs) and local chapters of Association of Medical Health Officers of the Philippines (AMHOP) are all encouraged to take part in the advocacy. By talking to your local PhilHealth and DOH offices, writing appeal letters and drafting resolutions we can make this communal stand succeed. Partner EMRs have also expressed solidarity by doing the same.

Powerful interest groups are expected to block or stymied the adoption of the Baguio propositions but all partners to the #wahinitiative are enjoined to stand together and remain firm in pushing for what the #wahteam and partner EMRs believe is right and fair.