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The Electronic Medical Records Experts’ Group (EMREG) held its first strategic planning workshop since its creation in 2014. To ensure harmony in their plans and proposed activities, they were joined by Health Enterprise Architecture Experts’ Group or HEAEG in the four-day event in Subic from May 31 – June 3.

Led by Phil Health Chief Information Officer Engr. Jovy Aragona, members of the two experts’ groups worked together to find congruence in their activities and create strategies that would fast track the implementation of the Philippine e-Health Strategic Framework and Plan (PeHSFP).

Issues were discussed and solutions were proposed. It was during this event that the teams agreed to give primacy to the role of the EM Rs in submitting PCB reports beginning 2017 and implement the exit plan for the PhilHealth UPCM otherwise known as the HCI portal by December 2016. This solution will erase any doubt and confusion as to the role of EM Rs in helping the DOH and PhilHealth complete the implementation of the PeHSFP by 2020.
WAH, for its part, proposed a number of key activities including the holding of a national convention of all EMR users in the country to be funded by the DOH and PhilHealth with counterpart funding from Local Government Units. Appointment of PHIE Ambassadors for national events and PHIE officers for local events was also proposed by WAH to further the reach of relevant information on digital health to Local Chief Executives, clinicians, and patients.